The Dangers of the Winter Sun

The Dangers of the Winter Sun

It’s a chilly winter morning. You reach over and pull apart the curtains and take a look outside only to see that it’s dark, grey and overcast. The weather report says there’ll be a storm, maybe even snow. “Great!” you think, “I won’t need sunscreen today!”. In fact, you are probably thinking about forgoing sunscreen all winter. You’ll be protected from the sun by those clouds, right?

Wrong! You can and will get some of the most dangerous UV exposure even on the rainiest days of winter. You need to be aware and protect yourself 365 days a year, come rain hail or shine.

The above is a snippet from a guest post I did over on The Navigatio, a fantastic lifestyle blog written by Nele. She was kind enough to let me inform her readers about UVA rays and the damage they can do, and offer my recommendations for sunscreen! If you’re interested, head over to give it a read. As always, I hope you learn something new!

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