The Skin Careless

Noun – A group of people who have never given their skin a second thought, being careless and developing some bad habits along the way. When skin issues like sun damage, acne and redness arise, they feel vulnerable, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do to address their problems.

Ring any bells?

You’ve spent years focused on family, studies, career or travel. And now you’re realising that maybe you’ve been a bit careless with your skin.

Perhaps you’ve had an on-again-off-again routine using the latest trendy products but have never been satisfied with the results.

Or maybe you’ve never paid much attention to your skin at all.

Now you’re unhappy with your appearance but don’t know how to change it. A glance in the mirror in unflattering bathroom lighting or an offhand comment from a distant relative can be all it takes to realise you could be doing better.

Maybe you’ve started to search for advice, but only come across people spouting jargon like ‘toxins’ and ‘rejuvenate’ without evidence, all in hopes of selling ineffective and overpriced products.

You want to find the real basics to help you get on your feet and get your skin on track.

Why care about skin care?

Skin care advice with integrity

It might seem like you’re too late, it’s too complicated, sleazy, expensive or skin care is just simply a chore to be skipped over. But skin is our biggest organ and first line of defence against the outside world, and we should all give it the attention it needs for both our health and self-esteem.

I know what it’s like to be curious about skin care but to feel lost and overwhelmed.

I’ve had a long and hard uphill battle when it comes to loving my skin and my skin loving me back (you can read the whole story here). From there, I developed an obsession with skin care and absorbing all the knowledge I could. I found that most of the skin care resources were superficially researched or were too dense and scientific for a beginner. I sifted through the nonsense and figured out my own way to better skin.

It’s time to turn your skin around.

Thanks to that experience, I know what real beginners need and want to learn.

Guess what: skin care can be mastered, at any age and any stage.

I created The Skin Careless to share that knowledge and make skin care simple and accessible. I give you the tools and information you need to empower yourself to achieve your skin goals. It’s all about undoing bad habits, bad attitudes and skin damage and relearning the right way.

Get your journey started with simple, personalised routines and unbiased product suggestions, through to detailed ingredient breakdowns and product reviews.

It’s your skin and you’ve got it forever, so it’s time to make the change, start caring and take back control!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re not into research, get a full ready-made beginner plan sent right to your inbox.

If you love to learn and want to create something more customised, find everything you need to know about the ins and outs of building your own skin care routine.

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Happy skin caring!

The Skin Careless

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