Are you typically low-maintenance with your skin but want to create a routine or fix your skin problems?

Have you never had a routine or found products that work for you?

Do you want to learn about skin care that won’t eat up your time or into your wallet?

Are you interested in all this but don’t know where to begin?

If so, you just might be one of the skin careless.

You don’t have a significant skin care routine, perhaps in the past you’ve had an on-again-off-again routine and tried the latest trendy products but have never been satisfied with the results, or maybe you’ve never paid attention to your skin at all. You’re unhappy with the quality of your skin but don’t know how to change it, or are just looking for answers to your burning skin care questions that are clear and easy to understand. 

It can sometimes seem like the world of skin care is too complicated or too much effort.


Why skin care?

Our skin is our biggest organ and first line of defence against the outside world, and I believe we should all have the opportunity to learn the basics about how to care for our skin, from looking young to skin cancer prevention, to keep ourselves healthy inside and out.

I love all things skin care but I found that most of the resources online were motivated by pushing overpriced ‘natural’ products and brands (that are actually pretty useless), or were laden with heavy scientific language that a beginner couldn’t decode. So I created The Skin Careless, where I simplify skin care into affordable and attainable solutions to everyday problems, and offer interesting scientific breakdowns delivered in a concise way so that even the most skin-careless of us can be empowered to change their skin journey and learn to care for their skin.


My promise to you

I’m here to tell you that skin care is for everyone and doesn’t have to be scary! You don’t need to waste time on ‘miracle’ products and expensive and time consuming routines. I promise to deliver honest, well-researched and most importantly easy to follow content for all ages, genders and skin types!

From reading what I have to offer, you will understand what’s required of you to create and keep up a skin care routine that improves your skin and fixes your skin issues. I want you leave here with a confidence and drive for life, feeling motivated to always learn and improve!


Where to begin

You can start here to get a ready-made dependable skin care routine that’s the basis of great skin.

If you’re curious, you can learn more about me, my mission and my journey into skin care.

You can get involved by sharing my content, submitting your questions or topic suggestions, or just commenting below and introducing yourself or engaging in discussion! I welcome people of all ages, genders, races, religions and opinions to come and share their thoughts and learn something new.

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Whether you’re totally skin clueless, mildly curious, or a skin care addict just looking for more, come with me on this journey where I break down the basics and bust common myths, and become a little less skin careless.

The Skin Careless






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