A Glimpse at My Weekly Planner

A Glimpse at My Weekly Planner

I’m an organised person at heart. I like my routines and rituals and most of all my to-do lists and planners. If I didn’t have a planner, I’d undoubtedly forget half the important things in my week.

Today I want to give you a glimpse of my weekly planner for November 6 to 12. This planner covers my skin care ‘to-do’s and my blog schedule for the week. My life at the moment is pretty hectic, and this week is no exception (I thought this post would be a nice easy segway into the cool things I have lined up for next week!).

For starters, this week is sandwiched between two final exams for my uni degree. Then I’m also busy with bridesmaid-ly duties for my best friend’s wedding in 5 weeks (eee!). I use this planner to keep note of the blog posting structure for the week and any skin care I want to keep up with.

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Monday: I have an Arabic final exam at 9am on Monday morning. Afterwards, I’m planning on giving my skin a bit of a treat after the rough weekend (read: alcohol) I had celebrating my cousin’s wedding. That’ll involve remembering to drink water, as well as a good exfoliate and moisturise during the day. On Monday evening I’m planning to release my skin care routine post! It’ll include some pictures and a detailed description of the products I love and use at the moment. Keep an eye out!

Tuesday: On Tuesday I plan to write Wednesday’s post in advance. I like to do this so I always have something to go even if something unexpected happens. I also find it easier to proofread with fresh eyes the next day.

Wednesday: I release my second post of the week – this week I am hoping to do a guest post on another blog, all about sunscreen in cloudy climates. Very exciting! (Editor’s note from the future: find it here!) I like to do an oil massage + clay mask mid week to perk up my skin and keep my spirits up.

Thursday: As with Tuesday, I’ll write the next day’s post. I also saw on the weather report that the UV will pick up on Thursday so I made a note to not forget to apply sunscreen.

Friday: I like to dermaplane (a fancy word for shave your face) once every week or two. I’ve set aside time on Friday to do it this week. I’ll also release a post about DIY Sunscreens and why they’re such a bad idea.

Saturday: A pre exam study session sheet mask will help keep my nerves to a minimum (I hope). While doing that, I’ll line up Sunday’s post too.

Sunday: Aside from lots of study and an early night, I’ll be releasing a post debunking the benefits of essential oils and explaining why you should be very cautious using them on your skin.

Notes: This week is my last of uni for almost 4 months! Really excited for all the free time I’ll have soon. I’m also going to try and squeeze in 3 gym sessions because I’ve been super slack lately and it’s making me feel lethargic. Finally, I have to remember to book an eyelash extension appointment for the wedding I’m in next month.



I hope you liked this short little post and enjoyed a glimpse into my week in blogging and skin care. If you’re interested in reading more about my daily habits, check out the overview of my skin care routine!

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