Start Here: Everything You Need to Build a Routine

Start Here: Everything You Need to Build a Routine

Sometimes you need some help getting off your feet.

Maybe you’ve let your self-care slip by the wayside while you focused on school or your career.

Maybe you are short for time, busy caring for a family. Maybe you’ve just never known where to begin.

The important thing is that you’re here! You’ve recognised that you need some help learning the ropes and I’m here to teach you.


How this guide will help you

It’s important that you have the proper guidance to teach you the skills you need. The below articles are designed to take you from clueless skin care beginner to having your own personalised routine and the skills to stick to it day in and day out. You’ll learn techniques that will change the way you treat your skin for the better.

These are the key steps to understanding your skin and why you’re unhappy with it, and building your own routine to get the skin you want!

Want everything done for you? Access a free all-in-one beginner skin care guide here, which includes tips for success, a weekly schedule for introducing new products, and complete personalised product recommendations. I highly recommend it!


The steps to getting started with skin care:

1. Learn the fundamentals of building a routine

Before you can put together your own routine, it’s imperative to know why you need one, how to approach it and the core steps every routine is built around.


2. Find out your skin type

Identifying your skin type now will allow you to make more informed choices when it comes to choosing the products that are right for you.


3. Determine your skin issues

Before you can tackle a skin problem, you need to be sure of what you’re dealing with. Sometimes there are nuances to a condition like acne that make a huge difference to how you treat it and the products you’ll need. Start here to find out exactly what your skin issues are.


4. Treat your skin issues

The treatment or ‘actives’ step in your routine is where your creativity can really shine. Use the guides below to help you find the right products to effectively deal with your own individual skin issues.


5. Finalise and implement your routine and stick to it

With any new routine it’s important to be strict with yourself so it becomes habitual. If you’re forgetting to do your routine in your rush to work or school or can’t remember what steps go where, these articles should help.


6. Having trouble?

It important to remember that things won’t always go to plan. Your skin might dislike a new product, or you just aren’t seeing results. Below are some resources to help you identify where these problems lie so you can get to the bottom of it.


7. Other topics for further reading

Congratulations! You’ve now learned the basics of skin care and created your first routine!

Now use what you know as a jumping off point to expand your knowledge and explore all there is to learn. You can visit any of the categories below to broaden your horizons and start the rest of your journey!



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Have fun!

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